My Disappointments are Legion

Very clearly, my disappointments are not a unit of Roman soldiers.


Okay, so to restart this party, let’s do the easy post and talk about Legion, shall we?

Given that the expansion has been out nearly 10 months at this point, I’m probably not going to say anything that hasn’t been uttered at least once by longtime WoW players everywhere. However, since the last post that I left up for the same 10 month span was about WoW, I’m going to pick up with blogging where I left off: complaining about the game.

I absolutely love parts of Legion. The questing in all of the zones up to Suramar is hands down some of the best content Blizzard have ever come up with. I particularly loved Highmountain from the standpoint of maining as a hunter. I also think that the game is the most visually stunning it’s ever been, and while one would hope to be able to say that solely from a GFX processing standpoint in 2017, I also mean that the designers are creating beautiful artwork, and I love being immersed in it.

I’d love it even more if I could fly, but we’ll leave that discussion for a future post.

The problem, however, is that the immersion is long gone, and was immediately upon finishing the story questing. The storyline in Suramar doesn’t count for me because it’s broken up by all of the reputation gating and excessive gathering just to progress the story (I seriously would prefer going back and re-doing the original Golden Lotus rep grind before they nerfed it to finishing Suramar, which is why I haven’t).

Here are the things that are driving me crazy about Legion:

  • the de-emphasis of connecting with real individuals and forming in-game connections with the other humans who play it
  • the resulting continued proliferation of trolls in randomized group content
  • Garrisonville 2.0…I mean, class order hall missions/leveling/resource gathering
  • the death of any desire to ever level an alt again
  • AP grind
  • order resource grind
  • the fact that my troll Beast Master is made to use a rifle (good thing there’s such a thing as transmog)
  • gating of questing content behind dungeon quests and reputation – I’m looking at you, Nightfallen
  • the fact that I’ve been grinding a drop for a SKINNING QUEST off and on for months now

I could probably go on but the list would only get more and more nitpicky.

It pains me to say it, but at this point, I’m not even a casual player. If it suits me, I get up in the morning and do some #goldmaking and when I run out of things to sell, I run one or more alts around old content picking those things up. I’m up over a million gold for the first time in my WoW career, which is a silver lining, but what’s the point if you don’t have people around to share the experience with? I’ve done exactly one wing of Emerald Nightmare LFR and that was with a friend from Twitter who was helping me gear for a little bit back in February, before I lost interest in the game for the third time since the expansion released.

WoW is my sentimental favorite, but Overwatch has superseded it as my current favorite and obsession, by a long shot. And in many ways, it breaks my heart, because the core of this game for me, besides the lore, is the friendships it always fostered and the time spent enjoying the game with those friends. Lately, that has been largely non-existent because those friends are just as disillusioned as I am with things, and are therefore not logging in the same ways we all used to: to sit for hours and play together.

So, for now I’m still paying my sub so I can make gold and putz around when it suits me. What I need to do is take a page out of @AlternativeChat‘s book and just make the game my own. I suppose that when I feel like it, I will. For now, though, I’m just another disillusioned WoW veteran who loves the game enough not to want to quit, but not enough to want to play it.

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