10 years, 10 questions – my first Warcraft post!

ATTENTION! The ever-present, always faithful, never boring Mistress of Faff herself, the Godmother, hath presented us WoW fans with a challenge.

Over at her site, Alt:ernative Chat, the Godmother put out a request to answer her list of 10 questions. If you’re interested in doing so, you can go to the blog entry for her 10 years, 10 Questions for her instructions, or you can go to her Google survey to answer them that way. She’s keeping a comprehensive list of responses, as well.

Here we go, then.

1. Why did you start playing Warcraft?

Oh god. I was SUCH a WoW snob back in the day. My little brother played, you see, and I thought he was juvenile (he was 20 when World of Warcraft was released, and so his brain may actually still have been juvenile), and therefore this game he loved must also be juvenile. What an idiot I was.

I didn’t actually start playing until March 2009. I remember this very clearly because my Gram, the last grandparent I had, had just passed on, and I was newly under-employed at a hardware store, having had no luck in finding a teaching job for the spring semester. By then, my father had also started playing WoW, and I had acquired a best friend who ALSO played WoW, along with her boyfriend. Dad gave me one of the old free trial cards you would get in the box – do they still have those?- and I started playing. I don’t think I even waited the full two weeks to upgrade my account.

2. What was the first ever character you rolled?

I rolled an orc warrior, slogged to 13, hated it. Then I rolled a night elf hunter, and LOVED being a hunter. I realized I liked playing the same faction as everyone else I knew, so I rolled a troll hunter, and she’s still my main now, 5+ years later.

3. Which factors determined your faction choice in game?

As I mentioned, when I finally got my nose out of the air, I had 5 people in my personal life who played, and they all rolled Horde mains. I rolled Horde initially so that they could assist me if I needed it. I’ve since tried Alliance several times, but I honestly can’t get into the storylines; questing as Alliance is interminably boring to me. Now that there are boosts, I may boost up a hunter on Ally side and go for Loremaster, because I’ll have more patience with the story if doing the work doesn’t take as long.

4. What has been your most memorable moment in Warcraft and why?

Oh man. See… I started during Wrath, but I really consider myself a Cata baby. I didn’t reach level 80 until 13 months after I rolled my main. I was a solo player, and didn’t do any dungeons at all until I was in Outland; then I abstained again until I was 80. I remember those first dungeons at top level; I got absolutely berated for being a Beast Master hunter. Good times.

At the end of Wrath I met the guild I’m currently an officer in, and they started teaching me how to raid. Raiding with them in Cata was some of the best experiences I’ve ever had as a player of games, and brother, I’ve been playing games since Atari. (Yep, I’m old.) I loved the first time we downed Shannox…my girlfriend emoted a big kiss on me in /RW and thereby confirmed to the group that we were together.  All of my most favorite moments involve the people I know through the game.

In terms of the memorable moments as a player, I’ll never forget the first time I could fly my character around; getting [the Explorer] title before flight came to old Azeroth; the utter disgust and anger I felt after Garrosh forever scarred the Vale… there are others, I’m sure, but these come to mind.

5. What is your favourite aspect of the game and has this always been the case?

My favorite thing about WoW is the people I meet while playing it, and that’s why this expansion has been hard for me; it has been marked by long absences by friends and guild mates. From a gameplay standpoint, I love solo questing, professions, and raiding as long as nobody is yelling at anyone. I’ve been known to dabble in gold-making from time to time, and I am a bit of a completionist when it comes to my main’s professions and achievements.

6. Do you have an area in game that you always return to?

Oh man. Yeah. Let’s take them by continent, shall we?

    • Kalimdor: I love, love, love sitting in Thunder Bluff at night time, gazing at the moon.
    • Eastern Kingdoms: The Hinterlands make both the mountain girl and the troll in me very happy.
    • Outland: Nagrand. Who *doesn’t* love Nagrand? If it’s you, identify yourself in the comments, will you?
    • Northrend: The mountain girl in me speaks once again- Grizzly Hills. And that music. Oh heaven. <3
    • Pandaria: So many little spots for me here. Sunsong Ranch during a rain storm, anywhere in Jade Forest (sometimes I like to just fly through at low altitude and experience the beauty), Timeless Isle because of the quality of light (but only when there’s no idiocy in the chat or behavior of other players). In terms of sheer beauty, Pandaria takes the cake.
    • Honorable mention: During Cata, when I wasn’t actively engaged in doing anything productive, I spent a lot of time perched on the triangle point peak between the Valley of Wisdom and the Valley of Strength. I still go back and sit there sometimes, if I’m using WoW for chat or if I’m messing about with my addons and such.

7. How long have you /played and has that been continuous?

<deep breath> Okay. Between my four level 90 toons and my two bank alts, I have logged 267 days and about 17 hours of /played time. In terms of continuity, I have been a continuous subscriber since April 2009.

8. Admit it: do you read quest text or not?

Absolutely. Unless it’s one that I’ve done a million times, like dailies or starter areas I’ve played a ton.

9. Are there any regrets from your time in game?

I do not regret being a player and I definitely do not regret the friendships I’ve made both within the game and via the larger WoW community on Twitter and from reading blogs and such. I absolutely DO regret that my level of physical activity has greatly suffered because of my proclivity to be focused toward activities that allow me to sit, and WoW has been the primary culprit, there. That’s why part of this new blog will be directed at being more healthy. This may mean re-structuring and reducing my WoW time, but I believe I can be both healthy and a gamer.

10. What effect has Warcraft had on your life outside gaming? 

Well, as referenced directly above, one negative effect has been an increase in my sedentary behavior. Focusing on the positives, however: I’ve made a TON of new friends, many of whom I consider to be dear enough that (had I the money to do so) I would go and visit them in a heartbeat. I seriously don’t know of too many other ways to make friends in far-flung places like Australia, Europe, and even the far reaches of Canada. The people I play with are what have kept me playing even when I’ve grown bored with the game (the last several months come to mind…).

Other reasons: the lore. The gameplay. The humor in small places in the game. The poignant moments, like [Kyle’s Gone Missing!] and the upcoming tribute to Robin Williams in the new expansion. All of these experiences combine to make WoW an incredible, unique, frustrating, uplifting, angering, dramatic, happy-making thing, and that’s why I play.


Well, there you have it. Godmother, I hope you’re happy with the result. The rest of you, go visit those links I placed back at the beginning and answer these questions for yourself.

See you in Azeroth, Outland, and (Soon) Draenor!


2 thoughts on “10 years, 10 questions – my first Warcraft post!”

  1. I’ve always found Nagrand to be terribly boring, myself. I think my psyche was irrevocably scarred from having to kill 30, then 50, then 80 of everything that moved for those damn Nesingwary quests. (they’ve since lowered the numbers, thankfully)

    1. I can only imagine how tedious it was when the numbers for those quests were higher! For me, Nagrand just induces a deep breath every time I fly through. Any character I level through Outland always quests in Nagrand.

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