My Top Things to Do in WoW before WoD Release!

It seems I’m on a (blog) roll today when it comes to posts about WoW. I’ve had a request to entertain another idea about the game, this time from the lovely Mr. and Mrs. WoW. You can find their blog here.

As you can see, I edited this directive for my own uses.
As you can see, I edited this directive for my own uses.


So, here are my Top Things to do, in no particular order:

  1. Leveling the lil’ druid up to 60 so I can use my free boost on her. Maxed Alchemy for the win, yo.
  2. Old mount runs that I can solo, because none of my guildies log in right now.
  3. Increasing my gold wealth because WoD will probably be extremely expensive.
  4. Restraining myself from seeking out new transmog pieces, because I seriously have 5 slots left in my bank. Five. Cinco. That’s it.
  5. Archaeology achievements. I never, ever thought I’d be saying this.
  6. Seeking out new life and new civilizations…uh, I mean, seeking out the rares for [Bloody Rare], [Frostbitten], and [Glorious!]. (That last one might suck because low iLevel, but whatevs.) 
  7. Whatever else I can come up with!

There you have it, folks. What will you be doing?



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