The Circuit of Disappointment: Horde-style

My friend and good hunter buddy, @AlternativeChat, recently drew up a post on her Circuit of Disappointment. This is what she calls the weekly routes she takes to run Legacy content that drops mounts, vanity pets, and much gold…because as we all know, the bosses are rarely in the mood to drop their prized mounts. Since she wrote hers from an Alliance perspective, I thought I’d do some shuffling of the order and draw up a Horde version for myself. Perhaps you’d like to join the two of us in Disappointmentville? Here you go:

Route One:

  • Hearthstone to Warspear, port to Orgrimmar
  • Port to Uldum, fly to Throne of the Four Winds for a shot at Al’Akir’s mount
  • Leave Tot4W and head next door to Vortex Pinnacle
  • Jump on a flying mount up to Caverns of Time
    • Dragon Soul – multiple mounts
    • Mount Hyjal – vanity pets
  • Leave CoT for Mudsprocket (FP in Gadgetzan, or just fly on your own)
  • Visit Onyxia; be sure to handle the whelps
  • Fly up to Ratchet and grab the boat to Booty Bay, then hie thee to Zul’Gurub for a shot at two mounts

Route Two:

  • Hearth to Warspear, port to Orgrimmar
  • Grab the zeppelin to Borean Tundra and get yourself to ICC
  • After failing to get Invincible, you can then head over to Ulduar if you want a shot at Yogg
  • Fly to Utgarde Pinnacle to see Skadi the Useless* and make a wistful attempt at the blue proto drake
  • Then head to Naxx 25 where you’ll feel better by earning lots of gold and hopefully some vanity pets

Route Three:

  • Hearth to Warspear, port to Orgrimmar
  • Take portal to Outland – Hellfire Peninsula
  • Fly from Dark Portal to Tempest Keep in Netherstorm for an attempt on Kael’thas
  • From TK, head to Zangarmarsh, hit Serpentshrine Cavern for patterns and vanity pets
  • Fly to Shattrath and take the portal to the Isle of Quel’Danas for a shot at Sunwell for vanity pets and a certain legendary bow. #huntersarejustawesome #boomdeyada

*this is Alt’s name for Skadi, and I wholeheartedly stand behind it.

It was pointed out in the comments on Alt’s original post that if you set your hearth to Shrine of Two Moons (or Seven Stars for you Allies),  you’ll have portals to everywhere, including Dalaran and Shattrath. However, if your life revolves mostly around Draenor this expac (unlike mine), these routes should work.  Many thanks to Alt herself for the original post, and for her enthusiastic response when I suggested drawing up a Hordie version.

Welcome to Disappointmentville. Enjoy your stay. 🙂

My Top Things to Do in WoW before WoD Release!

It seems I’m on a (blog) roll today when it comes to posts about WoW. I’ve had a request to entertain another idea about the game, this time from the lovely Mr. and Mrs. WoW. You can find their blog here.

As you can see, I edited this directive for my own uses.
As you can see, I edited this directive for my own uses.


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10 years, 10 questions – my first Warcraft post!

ATTENTION! The ever-present, always faithful, never boring Mistress of Faff herself, the Godmother, hath presented us WoW fans with a challenge.

Over at her site, Alt:ernative Chat, the Godmother put out a request to answer her list of 10 questions. If you’re interested in doing so, you can go to the blog entry for her 10 years, 10 Questions for her instructions, or you can go to her Google survey to answer them that way. She’s keeping a comprehensive list of responses, as well.

Here we go, then.

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An unexpected journey

I’m not sure why, but my mind keeps going back to The Hobbit. It’s really quite odd, because I admit that I’ve never read any of Tolkien’s work, nor have I seen the recent movies of that particular novel.

Yeah, I know, some of you will want to revoke my geek/nerd cred for that one, but life happens, and sometimes movies get left in the dust. Novels, too.

So. A blog.

I’ve thought about starting a blog many times, but I always came back to the same conclusion about it. I didn’t think too many people would want to read what I had to say, and I also didn’t think I had the true desire to keep up with it. So, laziness won out, because the responsibility seemed like more than the novelty would bear.

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